“Putting Things Into Perspective” which was published in 2000, and this has been translated into Italian, as “Mettere le cose in Prospettiva”. 

His second book, “Think Rest and Pray” was published in 2005. This last book was short listed in 2005 for the prestigious “Christian Book of The Year” award. These two books and the Italian version are available on Kindle as e-books.

In addition Geoff has written a number of eBooks, short stories and children’s books.

Geoff books can be found at his author’s page on Amazon.

Author: Geoff Feasey

Publisher: Silver Fish – Ebook on and

A fantastic resource for local leadership teams – learn valuable lessons from Geoff’s years of leadership experience and clear Biblical exposition.

“This is a book for all Christians everywhere. Although it deals with aspects of leadership, it should be read by all in the church. Holy Spirit leadership is of vital importance; this book clearly demonstrates the need for people to be motivated by Holy Spirit leaders. Putting Things Into Perspective prepares the experienced and inexperienced leader to carry the sometimes heavy burden of local church leadership.”
Eric McComb – N Ireland

“Geoff Feasey has daily contact with Christian leaders in local, national and international situations and his engaging sense of humour creates an atmosphere where church members, ministers and church leaders can appreciate his practical wisdom, his integrity and focused prophetic ministry. His experience of over thirty years in ministry and his wide gifting ably equip him for the task of bringing direction to churches and leaders alike.”
Michael Sherwood – Dorset

Author: Geoff Feasey

Publisher: New Life Publishing – Ebook on and
Daily readings that will build your faith all year round.

“I was not prepared for how much I would enjoy and admire this book. To mix resting in God with a helpful word study is a welcome discipline that every Christian should embrace every day. The youngest Christian could use Think, Rest and Pray as an introduction to his or her new faith, and yet the most seasoned believer will be amazed day after day by how much there is to learn.”
R T Kendall, from the Foreword

“This book has been very spiritually rewarding. It teaches things that helped me in my walk with God, and I learned things I never thought of before. I couldn’t put it down.”
Bobby Ball, TV personality and comedian

“Think, Rest and Pray holds daily nuggets of truth taken straight from Scripture. Geoff has woven together exposition and inspiration to give the reader a great start to every new day.”
Paul C. Weaver

“Each page of this book emerges out of Geoff’s rich pastoral experience – distilled from many years of successful ministry. This devotional work will build and bless seasoned Christians each day, as much as those who have recently come to faith. I commend it to you.”
John Glass


Direction Magazine

This book, subtitled ‘Daily readings that will build your faith all year round’, is the most powerful daily reading material I have ever seen. If you are a new Christian seeking to draw nearer to God and to gain a better understanding of the life you have just begun, this is the book for you!

If you have been a Christian for many years, even involved in ministry, this is the book for you! Taking a ‘Key Word’, then linking it to a ‘Key Verse’, Geoff leads the reader to the point where all you want to do is praise and pray. Long into the day you will still be thinking over the truths you have taken in during your ‘quiet time’.

Geoff has brought blessing and encouragement to many thousands of people through his ministry as a pastor, Regional Superintendent for several Regions of the Elim Pentecostal Church, and as a member of this Movement’s National Leadership Team.

I believe that, through this book, he will bring even greater blessing to the Church world-wide than ever before. If you want to be helped, strengthened, encouraged, and stimulated to go deeper into God, I recommend that you acquire a copy of this book.

Reviewed by Ray Jones, Scotland

This year 2022 Geoff has released a brand new book entitled “Kabesha’s World”, a fiction story of suspense and intrigue, of love and hate and of miracles and peace. This book has also been translated into Italian and both are available on Amazon as ebooks.

  • It’s Getting to Look a lot like Christmas
  • I was Just Thinking
  • What on Earth is Happening
  • Your Numbers Up! Weapons Ready!
  • An Act of Worship
  • Understanding Revelation
  • An Amazing Church
  • Seven Things That Can Spoil A Church
  • I Was Just Thinking Again
  • The X Factor
  • A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Church

Geoff books can be found at his author’s page on Amazon.

Geoff is also the author of some children’s stories, where he introduces us to an endearing black Labrador called Cobbler Saint-Knight. These short stories are entitled “A Very Special Dog”. They are contemporary moral stories for children.

We meet this very special dog in……….

  • “Out At Night”
  • “The Birthday”
  • “The Firework Party”
  • “The Organ”
  • “The Accident”
  • “The Holiday”
  • “The Cardboard Box”
  • “The Visit”
  • “Winter”
  • “Memories”

These adventures concerning Cobbler Saint-Knight can be found  at Geoff’s author page on Amazon.

The stories of Cobbler Saint-Knight have recently been published in one volume entitled “The Full Story” this is also available as an eBook .